Just Take Some 'Me' Time

Written By Chandell Tytlandsvik

2015-07-28 11:32:58 AM

Regular life is busy. You have your family to look after, your home to clean, your meals to shop for and prepare and your job. Then you add in your workouts, catching your friend for a visit, and if you have kids, add in their activities. Finding time for yourself, time to just relax is always a challenge. So do you do it? In my opinion it is a must!

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Did you know you could burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes doing kettlebell exercises? We've put together some beginner exercises, like a kettlebell squat or single-leg deadlift. 

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Women and Weight Lifting

Written By Jennifer Thompson

2015-07-27 8:27:42 PM

Strength training is an important part of any exercise routine. We’ve posted before about how lifting weights can help you lose weight. But many women don't know enough about lifting weights and may have misconceptions about that type of training. For example, many women have fears that weight lifting will make them seem bulky or unfeminine.

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You can't outrun your fork!

Written By Eric Anderson

2015-07-27 1:14:54 PM

The simple truth that people constantly try to avoid is “you can’t out run your fork.”  Yes, your fork is an incredibly powerful device that can easily destroy any amount of time spent, in any gym, doing any exercise, for any amount of time. It’s all about calories taken-in by eating vs. calories burned or used by doing something.  Too many calories in and not enough out – you gain weight; more calories out than in, you lose weight.

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Healthy BBQ Recipes

Written By Jennifer Thompson

2015-07-26 8:36:47 PM

It’s summer time, and there’s nothing like barbeque flavours to enjoy on a hot day. We’ve put together some healthy alternatives to the traditional BBQ fare that we think you’ll enjoy! Try the turkey BBQ sandwich or Asian BBQ pork.

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