Interactive Fitness

Welcome to an exciting new technology that combines your fitness activities, diet and lifestyle into a fully integrated fitness experience! Featuring workouts powered by Google Maps™, training expertise and competitive races, this wireless technology is the ultimate workout experience! Customize your own fitness program—draw a map or select a course from online to get started. This incredible feature provides exciting new opportunities for you to tour the world, run and train for races and compete with others, right from your own home!

Track your goals, progress and upcoming workouts for result–specific fitness options. Plus, with our impressive range of fitness levels, you can always increase your intensity level for consistent improvement. iFit Live™ takes all the guesswork out of exercising and provides the motivation you need to achieve any fitness goal!

All of your customized workouts are automatically downloaded to your fitness equipment and as you work out, your results are uploaded to, helping you manage your online profile and track your results! If you don't have a wireless network in your home, there's no need to worry—we've developed USB technology that still delivers a powerful iFit experience.


  • Create your own running course wherever you want! Run your regular outdoor course in your own neighbourhood or make a new course anywhere in the world, how about a nice job in Central Park in New York City for today.
  • Use a pre-programmed route. Run famous marathon courses and other pre-programmed paths from around the world.


  • Work with Jillian Michaels or Elisabeth Hasselbeck using their 8 week workout programs to challenge yourself, monitor your results and move to the next level of workout when your results show you are ready for it. Have a program already in mind? Create your own program and monitor your results to challenge yourself.


  • Join a competition on – it is automatically added to your workout schedule
  • At the time of your race, press start on your iFit Live™ equipment.
  • View your race standing in real time. – View and compare your results with the other competitors after.

“Redefining the Fitness Experience”You'll never workout the same way again

“Connect to Results”Connect iFit with a wireless connection

“Customize Your Fitness”Smarter workouts. Faster Results.

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