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Nutrition Nutrition

Tips on healthy eating, recipes and helpful info about your food.

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Get the latest fitness and health news and see why it matters to you.

Inspiration Inspiration

Read about inspiring weight loss journeys and people striving to achieve their fitness goals.

Equipment Equipment

Read reviews, plus see how you can best use your equipment to reach your goals.

Exercising Exercising

Click here for various workouts, fitness tips and motivation.

Perspectives Perspectives

Here we explore a variety of fitness topics and sort out the good from the bad information.

Latest Blog Posts

Flaman Fitness Saskatoon Expands to Serve You Better

Flaman Fitness has just opened a big new warehouse – soon to get bigger – in Saskatoon. Learn how tackling global delivery issues and winter weather head-on can win a victory for customers.

Why the Wait for Weights? The complex story of supply & demand, and what Flaman Fitness is doing for our customers

“Do you have any dumbbells in stock?” That may be the quintessential question of 2020, at least for retailers of home fitness equipment like us. But why aren't there any dumbbells to be found, at our store and globally? And when will that situation change? This is the story of how a pandemic and worldwide factors caused a shortage of such a popular piece of equipment.

One Step Ahead: Flaman Fitness helps you plan YOUR dream treadmill buy.

There's a difference between bringing a treadmill home and bringing the RIGHT treadmill home. Flaman Fitness offers a long list of considerations to help you select the machine that will keep you on track for the long run.

Pursuit of Perfect Pedaling: The Flaman Fitness Guide to Finding YOUR Ideal Exercise Bike

With so many models and varieties of exercise bike out there, buying the right one seems like an impossible task. These tips will help you identify your requirements, determine your exercise goals and zero in on the best bike for you.

Five Reasons You'll Love Shopping at Flaman Fitness

Flaman Fitness isn't your usual exercise equipment dealer. Its customer relations philosophy and practice are unique and deeply ingrained. Here are five ways the company makes your purchase experience pleasant, productive and worth repeating.

Canadian-Made Quality – Proudly Supported and Sold at Flaman Fitness!

There's a growing demand for quality Canadian made fitness equipment. Here's how Edmonton Manufacturer Squat Racks Canada is teaming up with Flaman to deliver it.

Growing Better in Sunlight: Getting Kids to Play Outside Again

As Canadians slowly emerge from self-isolation, playing outside offers our kids an astounding array of well-being benefits. What are they, and how do you convince your kids to go out and get them?

Three Options that Prove Fitness Still Fits into any Small Living Space

Compact accommodations leave little room for workouts, but you can accomplish big things in small spaces. These three home exercise options make fitness fit into the self-isolated lifestyle.

Immunity: How it works, why it falters and what you can do to help.

Over hundreds of millennia, human immunity has developed a sophisticated defence against pathogens. In a few generations, we’ve compromised it. At this crucial time, these steps can help us boost our immune system.

Stay at Home Activities for Kids

Families across Canada are adapting to a new normal of having their children at home right now, while they navigate working from home with kids in the house, or simply having the kids home with them 24/7. Have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of some fun resources and physical activities you can do with your children