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Latest Blog Posts

​The Versatility of Cable Machines

Recently I have been writing a series of “How to use X’ blogs, covering how to use everything from cardio machines such as the elliptical and the treadmill, to free weights, to small pieces such as the stability ball and foam roller. I even broke down how to properly warm-up and cool-down. By now you are all glorified exercise mavens — or at least on your way there!

What have we not talked about thus far? Larger pieces of workout equipment such as cable machines or full home gym equipment. Today we fill the void.

Meet your new best friend — YOU!

Most of us have an enemy living inside our own head! (Reflect on that. Most of us walk around with a “non-friend” in our heads. We spend hours with someone being mean to us — not believing in us. That saddens me to my core. No wonder so many of us overeat, drink too much, and under exercise.) Most of us are extremely cruel to ourselves. We need to learn to be on our own side!

What to do when you want to get in shape, but hate the gym…

I love that I can legitimately wear yoga gear 24/7, am comfortable strutting around a gym and know what to do with dumbbells, barbbells, bosu & stability balls, TRX and a whole slew of other fun fitness gear. And get this…I actually think working out is fun…yup..FUN! But I know I am part of a minority here. I know that LOTS of people just generally dislike (or maybe go as far to say…despise) the gym. So what to do?

Coconut Oatmeal Carrot Balls

It’s so easy for us to go back to old habits when we are tired & stressed….that’s why our snacks (especially in the evenings) often look the same. The solution? Plan ahead and have some snack options on hand, so when you are tired or stressed you have something already in the fridge (or cupboard) to easily reach for. Give these coconut oatmeal balls a try.

How to use your own body to get fit!

So far my “How to use X” blogs have covered how to use equipment — everything from the elliptical, to the treadmill, to dumbbells, to the foam roller. The basic premise is that it is one thing to own a piece of equipment, but to use it — and stay injury free — you need to know how to use it!

Today, the piece of equipment I am covering is the body itself!

When it comes to reaching any health goal, consistency is key! What is more “convenient” than your birthday suit! (And no, you don’t have to be naked!)

Plus, it is finally spring. The nice weather is here — use it as motivation to get moving! Who doesn’t love being outside?

Basically, slather on some sunscreen, grab your hat and some water, and get outside!

Why the 5lb dumbbell likely isn’t enough

I see it all the time, maybe you’re guilty of it too? Women in the gym and at fitness classes using 3lb and 5lb weights. There was a time years ago when reaching for the 5lb weights was my default too. Sweating through a class or thinking you are doing the work that will get you the results you they desire. I mean you’re sweaty, your arms are’s gotta be working…right!?!?!?

5 life lessons from the fitness field

I recently graduated as a Level 2 Life Coach. Life coaching is an inherently awareness-building, reflection-generating experience … thus, the question that inspired this blog: “What does Kathleen the fitness professional wish the younger (and less fit) Kathleen had known?”

Why you have to cool down when you work out

I get it. When you finish your workout, you just want to get on with life. It is natural to think, “Phew … done … SHOWER.” I have been there — many times. I never want to complete a full cool down. I did my workout. I want to get on with my day (and did I mention shower? I love the post-workout shower almost more than the workout). The problem is, there is a reason why a proper workout has been broken down into three main components — warm-up, main workout, cool-down.

How to exercise with resistance bands when you travel

So far in this “How to use X” series I have covered everything from what a proper warm-up is, to how to use dumbbells, to how to use various pieces of cardio equipment! All great information — if you have access to gym equipment! The question becomes, what do you do when you travel?

4 Ways to Improve Your Mood & Banish Stress

If you feel stressed out far too often, you are not alone. From the pressures of rising living costs, a tough job market, or a situation involving a loved one, there can be any number of stressors on an individual that contribute to a chronic state of stress and anxiety. To minimize far-reaching consequences, it’s critical to actively develop and maintain positive, healthy stress management habits like the ones below.