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Blog Archive - March 2011

Fitness Fung Shui

Working out at home can be challenging. You have a lot of distractions like the phone, TV, The Family, Your Pets, etc… Then again some people can get through all these distractions and commit to a daily at home workout regime. One of the tricks to that is creating a space that is where you feel the most energy and/or the space that you see yourself sweating in…

Got Water?

Drinking enough water seems like a simple task, yet I continue to meet people who aren't drinking enough to meet their needs. It might just be that people don't realize how much they need, or else it is just one of those things we don't think about in our busy lives! Water is important to help control our temperature, aid in digestion, cushion our organs and joints, distribute nutrients throughout our body, and help use remove wastes.