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Blog Archive - December 2012

Quest For Everest - Outside Training

The best way to train for climbing is to climb: a common comment in the climbing world. Pick up any book by any of the world's great climbers on training from Mark Twight to Will Gadd and you will find some form of that comment. So with that in mind, I went climbing.
After a long week on the road for work (Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatoon, Lethbridge, Calgary), I picked up my climbing partner late Friday night at the Calgary airport and the next morning at 4:45 am we headed out of Calgary up the ice fields highway to find some ice...

Quest For Everest - Workout 1

I remember now. I remember the pain of training hard, except this time I am two years older and I have cranked the speed and incline level. In 2010, I was the expedition leader on a private trip to Mount McKinley in Alaska. We had a strong team and tapped the top.

What Exercise Equipment Matches Your Goals?

So I've had lots of questions from people who are finally ready to step it up and get on a healthier track. The main problem they have is how do they achieve those goals and make it happen. Goals like losing weight, toning muscles, or maybe just having More Energy are great, but they only go as far as the plan and resources a person has.

Quest For Everest - 3 Goals

My experience at high altitude has taught me that in order to be successful, I need to focus on being healthy and taking care of my body while up there. It may seem obvious to do this, but my hardest climbs have been when I did not pay attention to my body properly. This is harder than you may think, as a long expedition grinds you down and you lose focus and discipline.

To give myself the best chance at staying healthy, I am focusing my training and diet for three results: