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Blog Archive - July 2013

My Real Progress Pic

When I decided to blog, I knew I had to be 100% honest, if I wasn't then what was the point. Therefore I shared all my weights, my pictures, and my struggles. Not to be all "Oh look at me" but because thats what's real. After posting I received some of the most heart felt and kind messages.

Calories in Calories Out

Let me start this blog off by asking you a question: do you think that if we were to duplicate your genetics, and we were to feed one of you 2000 calories of chicken, and the other 2000 calories of ice cream, your body would end up the same? Of course not. It just sounds hilarious to begin with.

Your Shoes Are Causing You Back Pain

Hey guys,
I see this mistake often in the gym. Lots of people are guilty of it, and it may be further adding to your lower back pain.
And it is...

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Dedication. When you love something it's not hard to be dedicated. Sure, somedays you have to dig a little deeper, but you look to the big picture. Find your purpose and then dig your heels in and find that drive. I hear a lot of "I couldnt do that" or "it's too hard" or "I don't have the time."

My responses are as follows: You can do anything you want to do and set your heart to doing.

A Passion for Nutrition

I am in my 6th year of training clients and offering nutritional consulting as a professional in the field. Over four of those years, it has been my only full time job. I am very confident in my training practice and in my skills for adjusting nutritional programs, training programs, supplement programs and the like, but I want more. I am unbelievably passionate about this industry and here is why....

The Importance of Mental Training in Sport

Back to the subject of mental training: I tapped into this in Orlando. This is something that has been a weak spot. I used every visualization technique and positive thought I could delve into. Not having the confidence in sport growing up makes mental training a bit harder. I chose to see each lift as light and successful, as well as see each positive attribute of my training. I wrote things down, I used my mind's eye – whatever it took. In turn, even with some nerves this was the best I felt going into a meet.

My Favorite Boot Camp Exercises

There are a lot of traditional boot camp exercises out there (running, sit ups, mountain climbers, etc.). Unfortunately, most of them will not get you great fat loss results. Most of them are hard to do if you are injured or managing a chronic injury and cause a lot of frustration with your weight loss results. With that said, a boot camp must provide a dynamic, periodical program with progressive overload so clients can build more muscle, raise their metabolism, and thus burn more fat.

Want to Get Healthy? Think Positive

Recently a client confessed to me that she loves running because it "makes her feel free." She injured her foot about a year ago and for roughly six months she couldn't walk without pain, let alone run.