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Blog Archive - November 2013

Seeing the Humor in Everyday Life

Growing up, my youngest challenged me. She liked to hide to see if I could "see" her. In the toy box, on top of the fridge and at 18 months, this scared the daylights out of me. She always responded with “Hi Mommy!" As she got older, she became more creative with my sight.

Getting Back At It Is Hard

So by the time we go home from picking Penn up it was late Monday afternoon…lets be serious, after you get home from holidays you usually have a TON of laundry, your house needs a re-tidy, and you have no groceries.

Down and Not Out

Embracing downtime. Downtime is a hard concept to wrap your head around, especially when you are used to being on the go all the time. I thrive on structure. A couple days, or even a week of downtime is fine, but entering a time of more than that can be hard. Harder than training full force.

The beauty of it is, that everyone in my house has come to teach me a thing or two......

Work It

So when I write a post on here I always am thinking about it the whole day, you know to ensure I get all my thoughts right so when I talk(type) it out, I don't forget anything. Oh and if you wondering I never really re read my posts (hence there is tons of spelling or grammar mistakes)

A Whole Lot Of Truth

Well I have really debated back and forth on how honest I will be with much will I many feelings will I expose. And as embarrassing as it is to talk about this I feel its something no one does..and well I get why not..

Well I Ran

So Friday night for the first time since May I drank..Saturday I felt totally fine as I had about 6 drinks in the span of about 6 hours and drank vodka water. Buuut when I went to work out Saturday morning while Penn was napping I kept getting distracted by the phone and cleaning.

Ladies, You Can Strength Train Without Getting "Bulky"

Don't be afraid to strength train! As a (partially reformed) endurance junkie, I speak from experience! Strength exercises, and the muscles that come with them, are a good thing! I am sure most people could benefit from infusing more true strength work into their routine, but from personal experience I know that both women, and endurance athletes, REALLY need to learn to embrace weights.