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Blog Archive - January 2014

Trying the Bowflex Treadclimber

Ever since I started working at Flaman, I've always wanted to give the famous Bowflex Treadclimber a try. I've seen the infomercials that are so convincing and I, even though I work in marketing and know all the tricks of the trade, have been compelled to buy one. So, I figured that if I am going to buy one, I should obviously try it first.

How Does She Do It?!

So come on..we have ALL said. We have been in a conversation with one of our mom friends or relatives..and thought in our head..

"Seriously how does she do it"

Finding Your Focus

My absolute favorite lift had fear wrapped around it, the fear of pain and fear of failure. I had to identify this and work on conquering it before I could even pick up that bar. I had to find where the fear was and use some tools to work with it.

Growing Up And Getting Older

So sometimes it's when I am bored or something that I see, or someone I see when I realize I really am 'growing up' and getting older, I don't think it really ever comes on my birthday for me because that's just a day..its not like anything changes 9/10 times on that day..its the other days in a year when you realize. For me driving to work this morning and waiting for my coffee I realized ah I am getting older..

Workout Update

So if you are wondering I wanted to fill you in on what I have been doing with my workouts. So awhile back I filled you all in on the Jamie Eason program. Her workouts are seriously so good...

2014 Goals!!

Happy New Years to you all!! Is it just me or where the heck did 2013 go..seriously I know I say this every month but I feel like this year especially went by extra fast. Since things were extra busy before the new year I still plan on doing a post with my favourite finds of watch for that!