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Blog Archive - February 2014

You CANT Quit!

A year ago this was me...

Dieting is the HARDEST part about loosing weight. It is this constant mind battle going back and forth of 'Should I' to 'Its not worth it' to 'F' it I, I want it' to 'EAT ALL THE CALORIES" haha

Think About Your Relationship With Your Body, Not How It Looks Today

Every once in a while, members of the fitness media will highlight the extreme diet and exercise regimes that make up the "dark side" of the fitness field. Of course, this stance can be slightly hypocritical since so much of the field is predicated on selling both the product -- and ideals -- associated with extreme weight loss solutions.

Personal Training Is For Me

Personal training may or may not be for you but it comes down to what you really want. Is the investment worth it? Of course, an all-inclusive trip for two to Mexico sounds like pure bliss when you compare it to the blood, sweat, tears, swearing, aches and pains that are going to come from my next seven months of training but the choice is yours. Make an investment in your health. I am, and it's been one of the best decisions of my life so far.