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Blog Archive - March 2014

Tuning In

Training away from home and stepping outside of my box two weeks away from Nationals is always a pleasure and a key component for me. Having people get in my space and changing what I see in my peripheral helps so much. I am so used to my own space and having my useable sight clear. Having the blurs of faces or arms etc. as well as multiple voices and different acoustics helps with my mental training and my physical training.

Spatially Aware

My girls brought it to my attention that I am a bit touchy when I have people moving around in my kitchen and stirring things or trying to help. I couldn't figure this out. I was baking muffins on a bright day and it hit me. My kitchen is a place I spend a lot of time. It has taken work for me to feel comfortable there, I am frustrated when things are moved or changed.

What Moves You

As I head down the road to nationals, I have to get up and utilize my support system. It does not make me stronger to go without. I'm talking about the support system outside of my family, the people that keep me moving. I have the amazing advice of my coach who can tweak and adjust things as I need, but also the different therapists and professionals that keep me moving.