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Blog Archive - May 2014

The Has-Beens…

I have been out walking a lot lately as we finally have some nice weather. I was thinking a bike ride would be nice. A run would be nice. I mentioned this to my kids. These were things I used to be able to do unassisted; running, biking, rollerblading, and more. For a moment they felt sad. I let them know those were my has-been moments.

Our trip to Disneyland

So when I found out about this amazing Treadclimber experience in California - I knew stopping at Disneyland would be a must -- it was almost like a sign, a little redemption from our last visit.

My trip with TreadClimber

What a crazy last week - I am honestly sitting here still thinking 'Did that really happen?'
The last week has been so amazing and I am just mostly so nervous I will miss filling you in on something!

Want to Stay Active? Get Out of Body Debt

Too many of us take our bodies for granted. We sit for hours, or train constantly (me!) without fully contemplating the stress our lifestyle places on our bodies.

Well Im going to be in a commercial

Last March if you said I would be where I am today..I would have laughed - never going to happen…ME in a commercial..

Bowflex flying ME, Lorne & Penn to LA for 5 days….never going to happen…..

WELL it is -- next week and I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids and Cookies

I cannot imagine being an athlete without my children to shape who I am. They challenge aspects of my training; patience, being able to adapt on the fly, and looking deep into why I train. My oldest daughter wrote an English piece on courage, it brought tears to my eyes because I did not realize she saw me that way.

Bathing Suit Shopping

Alright..So I am NOT one to post myself in a bathingsuit..truthfully it makes me exxxtremly nervous.

Not to mention I am a mom, I never want Penn to look one day and be embarrassed of me (I mean more then he already would be)