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Blog Archive - May 2015

Outdoor play is good for kids' health

We all know that playing outside is good for kids. It lets them enjoy the fresh air, use their imagination and have fun.

Bounce your way to health

Trampolines are a lot of fun. But did you know that bouncing actually has many health benefits? Your body's lymph system supports immune function – it bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away. But it's totally dependent on physical exercise to move.

So you want to start running?

You've been putting your treadmill to good use by walking every day, but now you've decided that you want to start running. That's great! We have some tips for you to make a safe transition from walking to running – both on the treadmill or hitting the road outdoors.

How to Pick your Exercise Shoes

May is Foot Health Month and what better way to be kind to your feet than having the proper footwear when working out. Here are some tips on how to pick the right shoes for exercising (and no, we're not just talking colours to match your workout gear!)