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Blog Archive - June 2015

Love your body and don't miss out on fun!

It's summer now which means the dreaded... Bathing suit season! Now let's be serious for a second here, let me tell you about the awkward things girls face in a bathing suit.

Is sitting the new smoking?

Is sitting the new smoking? That might seem like a bold statement, considering the harmful effects from smoking. But many recent studies have shown that people who sit for long periods every day face serious health risks, such as a heightened risk of serious illness and premature death.

What's the best way to cook vegetables?

We all know that eating vegetables is good for you. But to get the most nutritional benefits out of your veggies, you have to cook them right.

"I am OK with being average"

I have been wanting to talk about this for so long, but I have been so worried that maybe it just wouldn't be a good post, that maybe I wouldn't get my thoughts out just right.

Need motivation? Sign up for a race!

When I need extra motivation to train, I sign up for a race. I love working towards an athletic goal, and I can't justify skipping a workout when I have already registered and paid. Plus, nothing compares to the feeling of crossing a finish line!

Motivation to lose weight comes from within

When I hit rock bottom with my weight, I was at a point that I KNEW I had to make a change. I was physically and emotionally exhausted with being overweight. I was tired of seeing pictures of myself and deleting almost everyone one, of asking my husband everyday 'do I look fat in this?', tired of buying into every promise to give me results in 30 days when nothing worked.

What ever happened to normal?

What ever happened to normal? We seem to have two-species of humans evolving, which has implications for those wanting to get into shape, those heading towards it or maintaining it.

7 Tips to Eat Healthier

You've been working out and sticking to an exercise routine, but that's just one part of weight loss. All your hard work on your machine can be lost if you're not eating right.

Why I love to paddle!

I love to paddle! I first tried stand-up paddle boarding in Hawaii about 7 years ago. As a Canadian trying to learn how to surf the waves in Hawaii, it didn't take long for me to realize that my career as a pro surfer wasn't in the cards. I then discovered Stand-up Paddleboards (SUP).

Chandell's Success - Frequently Asked Questions

When people found out about my weight loss with my Treadclimber and the commercial there is usually 3 of the same questions that I am always asked. So I wanted to share my answers for you!