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Blog Archive - July 2015

Just Take Some 'Me' Time

Regular life is busy. You have your family to look after, your home to clean, your meals to shop for and prepare and your job. Then you add in your workouts, catching your friend for a visit, and if you have kids, add in their activities. Finding time for yourself, time to just relax is always a challenge. So do you do it? In my opinion it is a must!

Try these beginner kettlebell workouts

Did you know you could burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes doing kettlebell exercises? We've put together some beginner exercises, like a kettlebell squat or single-leg deadlift.

Women and Weight Lifting

Strength training is an important part of any exercise routine. We've posted before about how lifting weights can help you lose weight.

You can't outrun your fork!

The simple truth that people constantly try to avoid is "you can't out run your fork." Yes, your fork is an incredibly powerful device that can easily destroy any amount of time spent, in any gym, doing any exercise, for any amount of time. It's all about calories taken-in by eating vs. calories burned or used by doing something. Too many calories in and not enough out – you gain weight; more calories out than in, you lose weight.

Chandell's Sample Treadclimber Workout

The last week I have been cruuuushing my workouts on the treadclimber. My weights I wasn't so much feeling each day and seemed to cut that short, but the cardio was on point!! I blogged about it earlier in my post "Frequently Asked Questions" after the commercial, and it hasn't really changed: People still ask me about the treadclimber all the time. Best part is I actually love talking about it to people so I thought; why not go in to more detail how I use it.

It's time to take it back

Through injury, recovery, increased vision loss and a few stumbling blocks, it would be easy in a sense to walk away. I decided on a new approach, to take it back. Even if I cannot have what I had before, it's about taking back inner power. That was hard to figure out in the beginning since that's the flame that likes to die out first.

How advertising affects male self image

When it comes to fitness and body-type, some advertising has had a negative impact on male self-image. As an example, let's look at an ad that ran in the back of almost every comic book I read while growing up. Given it was in comic books for decades, it was targeting teen-aged or younger boys. It focused on what you needed to look and act like to be "a man." Looking like "the world's most perfectly developed man" was the goal.

Perfect the push-up!

Push-ups are one of those exercises with name recognition - like crunches and squats - even people who don't exercise know what they are. As a trainer I love push-ups because they provide a fantastic upper body and core workout, but since they don't require equipment they can literally be done anywhere.

5 Tips for Keeping your Workouts on Track

Last week I told you I was done with the excuses. I wrote out my workouts and was ready to push myself harder than I had been, I was ready to get back to a good groove and just back to feeling unstoppable. So how did it go you ask? Honestly, I am feeling pretty great about it. Every workout last week I crushed, and I swear I got them done way faster feeling way better because I had that plan.

8 Ways to Exercise at Work

Making time for a workout can be challenging. But getting in some exercises throughout the day doesn't mean you have to spend an hour on your treadmill or home gym. There are many ways you can get in some quick exercises to keep you active throughout the day that don't take up too much time. And it all adds up! Here are some exercises you can do at work while you're on your lunch or coffee break.