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Blog Archive - September 2015

Find Balance in your Cooking

I have mentioned in my other posts that my husband has played hockey his whole life - him playing hockey is actually how we met. He was playing his first year of junior hockey in Estevan and I went to a party and well,the rest was history.

Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities

In the mid-1990s I lived in La Jolla, California and worked in the entertainment industry.

Chandell's experience on the Shopping Channel

I am not going to pretend I wasn't awkward, I was. I did a whole lot of weird things with my hands and said sentences that really didn't get finished. I even lost my footing on my machine once when walking and talking. BUT it all must have resonated with viewers because WE SOLD OUT and everyone I got the chance to meet at The Shopping Channel was so excited about how it went and how I did. Which, wow, is so crazy.

The 2 "Cs" of training: convenience and consistency

Set yourself up for health success by adopting what I call the 2 "Cs" of training: convenience and consistency.

You have to make fitness a priority in your life

Now I always hear: the older you get the more your body changes. But truth is, it's the more YOU change. Yes, your metobolism slows down, and yes it is harder to find the time to be active. But truthfully, it's you who has to decide to make fitness a priority in your life. And it would be easier to sit on the couch or crush a bag of chips and it would be easier to use that time for working out to do absolutely anything else in your house like clean your floors... but you know what, it's not going to make you feel better about yourself.

Ready to do Anything... Even Mudd!

Last week I was in Toronto for a very quick 24 hours doing my training with The Shopping Channel. Honestly, it was so helpful and I was really glad it was done two weeks in advance. If you're curious, I did cry when telling my story to my trainer... when I am nervous and speaking to someone that doesn't already know me trying to explain who I was, it just crushes me.