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Blog Archive - October 2015

Top Three Reasons and Cures for Non Fitness

The holy grail of fitness – or anything for that matter - seems to be getting from thinking about doing something to actually doing it.

Now, if you think about why you started something in your life, there are probably only a few key reasons why (or why not in this case).

The following three reasons are what I see most. Yes, there are some critical exceptions, but be honest with yourself – you're the only one that needs to know.

How you can avoid over-eating Halloween candy

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means: Candy. Chocolate. Temptation. But we have some tricks on how you can avoid going overboard.

Chandell's Fitness Must Haves

For me there are just certain things that I 'need' in order have a great workout:

Good Running Shoes

This is an absolute must. If you are finishing your workout and the bottom of your feet are hurting or are extremely sore, chances are you don't have on proper shoes. For me I really like Asics running shoes but I found they fell apart in the heel quickly.

Get back to your workouts after holidays

Thanksgiving: the Fall holiday where you get together with your family and visit, have drinks, and eat a lot of food!

Now, maybe not everyone in the fitness world will agree with me…but I am a firm believer in calories don't count on holidays.

How to Start – Replace a Proven ‘Feel Good’ Habit

The answer to "how to start into fitness" can be found within what we have already proven to ourselves, over and over again, which is: "What we are doing instead of exercise that brings us happiness?"

Stop relying on crunches to tone your midsection!

Variations on the crunch are often "go to" abdominal exercises. I get the attraction: crunches are convenient and relatively simple. Plus, they provide a good abdominal "burn," which always feels rewarding!

Mud, Sweat and Tears

Well, I can say there was no tears and with how cold it was only a bit of sweat, but there sure was a TON of mud!

What an awesome event!! I am just so excited to tell you guys all about it! When I signed up for this mud race Ready to do Anything... Even Mudd!

What University Kinesiology Students Said About 2 Bowflex Products

It was not an easy conclusion for them to arrive at.

Early in 2015, Flaman Fitness loaned a Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE home gym and a TC20 TreadClimber to a 4thyear University of Saskatchewan College of Kinesiology class.

Challenges are what make fitness fun

You know that feeling when someone does something and they make it look soooo easy, you all of a sudden think you can do it too? Well, this happened to me.

Make the most of small spaces!

Clients often tell me that they can't work out at home because they don't have the storage or floor space. I think they associate home gyms with rogue stability balls and weight machines doubling as a TV table.