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Blog Archive - November 2015

Flaman Fitness Wins Edmonton Journal Readers' Choice Award

"Today's the Day." Those three words have been dominant at Flaman Fitness in the past year. But for the national fitness company, they are not just a slogan, but a powerful message that Flaman wants to spread to all Canadians.

Fitness Equipment, Wearables, and Apps - Compatibility

Physical activity can be recorded, stored, and portrayed via a collection of devices. There are wearable devices - worn on wrist, around waste, around chest. etc. - than can measure your movements (or lack of), heart rate, sleeping patterns, changes in altitude (stairs climbed), body temperature, breathing rates, and other fitness related metrics.

Fitness equipment can also measure activity like a wearable and often provide much more accurate measurement - and then submit the information to the same smartphone app or computer software.

What gave me the belief in myself was the results

Before I decided I needed to make a change in my life and order the TreadClimber, I would make excuses for all the reasons I 'couldn't do it'

Stretching Part Two: The perfect post workout stretching routine!

This may come as a surprise, but even though I know stretching is important, I find it hard to make myself do it. After a workout I just want to shower.

My solution: I developed two quick, yet effective stretching routines. In a previous blog (make hyperlink) I outlined my dynamic flexibility routine. Below I have detailed my favourite static stretches.

Why and what a home gym?

For decades I travelled to a gym/club and had my work-outs. Then about 2 and a half years ago I moved to an acreage and travelling to a gym/club would have become problematic (at the least). So, I created a home gym.

The workouts you don't want to do are the most important

We all have those days where your workouts feel sub par, and you feel
like this Where throughout your whole workout you are struggling to push harder, your tired and you honestly can not wait for it to be over...

Dynamic vs static stretches!

If you do static stretches before you train, STOP! Static stretches downgrade the nervous system and cool the body down. Save them for after your workout.

Instead, use dynamic mobility exercises to warm up your body pre workout. Dynamic mobility exercises "turn on" the nervous system and prime the body for movement.