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Blog Archive - December 2015

2016 - the year of YOU!

It is New Year's resolution time! Are you jumping on the fitness bandwagon, vowing to be more active in 2016? If so, FANTASTIC!

The prospect of starting a workout routine can be overwhelming. If you are feeling nervous or like you don't know where on earth to begin, know that you are not alone. The gym (especially the weight room) can feel like an intimidating place, and the cold can make winter running seem extremely daunting and unappealing.

So I have some helpful guidelines for you!

Weight lifting 2-times per week is great for the brain

The short of it is, moderate weight training two times per week, can help maintain the smooth flow of information from one portion of your brain to another. And, if your various brain functions can't work together, there are a bunch of issues that can arise. The smooth flow if caused by the reduction of lesion's in the brain's white matter.

12 hives of Christmas

Well is your life starting to get back to normal after Christmas? Or are you stuck between the awkwardness of Christmas Holidays, not knowing what day it is so you're still napping and eating whatever you want? Either way I hope your Christmas was amazing!

Mine was VERY eventful!

Fat but aerobically fit worse than slim and lazy

A news item was picked-up by almost every major news outlet in the western world recently - just before our traditional New Years' Eve "pledge to change our lives" time. The story had several titles, most ranging from "Fat but fit worse than slim and lazy" to "No truth to fat but fit." Some even added the tag line "Study demolishes myth that exercise makes up for obesity, scientists say."

A onesie for Christmas (and a new TreadClimber)

Can you believe it? Christmas is literally around the corner! This December has been busier than ever and went by faster that I was ready for. Penn has been right into everything this year.

Your fitness can be for everyone else

The holidays – being about families - remind us that we want to be there for them; for our parents as they age, for our kids as they grow, for our friends that are our chosen family.

But, in order to be there for all the milestones you need to be healthy and able. And it would be best if you just weren't able to talk about it with them, it would be great to actually be there and maybe even participate in it with them.

So one of the best gifts you can give someone is being there for them for as long as you are able, and that means taking care of your health.

Stay fit and healthy this holiday season - Part 2

I credit my Christmas socks for keeping me active over the holidays; they make me smile, and put an extra pep in my step :-)

If you don't have magical socks, don't worry, these six tips will keep you active! All kidding aside, it is possible to make (mostly) healthy choices in December, it just takes some mindfulness and advance planning. (For additional tips, read my blog from December 1st).

Your fitness level is a “Vital Sign”

Your level of fitness is a critical and basic measure of your health, just like your blood pressure or temperature. As a note, vital signs are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems.

Kathleen Trotter explains the “mental approach” to have success in fitness

A lot of people can tell you what to physically do for fitness, but very few can tell you what to mentally do. Kathleen Trotter brilliantly explains a "mental approach" to have success fitness, during a 48-minute interview on Peach Radio . . .

Enjoy the holidays because being healthy is also living in balance

Enjoy the Holidays

Can you believe it, Christmas is literally around the corner. And Christmas means Gingerbread houses, chocolate treats, Christmas drinks and a big yummy meal at the end of it.

It also means a lot of fun with your friends and your family. So if you are wondering my thoughts on how to balance it all with staying healthy and exercising….I say ENJOY IT!