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Blog Archive - January 2016

It’s Pink Floyd’s Fault

"You can't have any pudding unless you eat your meat . . .How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"(It's better on the recording, so go here).

The lyric from Pink Floyd's album "The Wall" echoes a common phrase from many of our youths.

TSC is Bringing Me Back!!

Well it's been a little less then 6 months since I flew to Toronto and I did 3 shows sharing my story and selling them out of Treadclimbers on LIVE TV for The Shopping Channel!

Well they are bringing me back, but this time instead of scheduling 3 shows it will be 7 and the 'Showstopper deal of the weekend' (which I have been told is a very big deal)

Kathleen Trotter is becoming Canada’s fitness information leader

Three recent media items have caught people's attention – Kathleen Trotter was quoted by Walmart with having the #1 fitness tip for people looking to make changes this year, quoted by the Toronto Star with fitness tips, and gave a series of CBC radio interviews across Canada on fitness tips on New Year's Eve.If it were these three alone that would be a sizeable achievement, but when her other accomplishments are noted a clear trend is developing.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Warranties Compared

If you own a gym with multiple pieces of fitness equipment, the cost of 'ownership' or 'operation' of this equipment includes not only purchase price and maintenance costs, but also (1) repair costs, but more importantly (2) the critical cost of "irate gym members not being able to use the equipment they are paying to use and not being able to maintain their routines or achieve their goals."

The equipment being supported by quickly accessible service techs should vastly shorten the second "irrate customers from down time" issue, but what about the first issue - who pays for the repairs?

Here are a few warranty examples from leading equipment manufacturers.

Making the time

If your a busy mom like me with pre school, and sports and all the things around the house, making meals and everything. Finding time to workout some days is beyond a challenge- this is the first thing. Stop 'looking for the time' and make it!

"Sitting is the new smoking"; take steps to mitigate the negative effects of a desk job!

By now most of you have probably heard the saying "sitting is the new smoking"; I didn't create this slogan, but I love it. I am all about encouraging people to sit less and move more. Excessive sitting (especially if you have poor body awareness) can result in bad posture, muscle imbalances, stiffness, and lack of circulation. Not only that, prolonged sitting negatively affects the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and digestive systems, not to mention your metabolism. It is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes, and it affects how your body metabolizes glucose.

Basically, move wherever and whenever possible.

Here are some workplace suggestions.

2 steps to motivation

Getting from the ''idea" stage to the "doing" stage is the key to all fitness efforts. Frankly, if I could solve that one issue I would have the cure to most issues facing the world. Tim Storey came close when he discussed "Today's decisions are tomorrow's realities" see

So what is motivation? Well, it's the thought that causes you to do something.

We have two simple steps to get it.

Fitness critical in stressful times

Mental health professionals say in times of stress, exercise is critical.

This stress can be from economic down-turns, family issues, job loss, moving, social problems or a multitude of other things.

Time to attack your resolutions

January is well on its way and so are my resolutions – My workouts have been top notch with my cardio being bumped up by 20 extra minutes. Like I said I want 2016 to be my fittest year yet, so I figured lets start with more cardio and more squats and go from there...

Another Resolution of mine was to try juicing.

It's a New Year – and anything is possible

2016, It's a New Year – and anything is possible.

Every year in January you can honestly say you are having a fresh start. What happened last year no longer matters. If you are using the new year for a 'new you' resolution that's fantastic!