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Blog Archive - February 2016

My review of the new Bowflex TreadClimber TC100

Let me start by saying I have had my model the TC10 for three years, its the model I lost all my weight with, its the model I continued to use after my weight loss. In the three years I have had my treadclimber not once did I have any issues with it. So when the new upgraded models were released in December of 2015 I didn't 'need' a new model but I love this machine so much that I couldn't wait to have one! So to start if your wondering if I think the TC10 is a great option, 100% I will always love that machine.

My Second Shopping Channel Experience

I never in a 100 years would have thought people would respond to my story like this, that someone would say things like 'your an inspiration' or that you could 'have results like me'. I really don't have words, it's so honouring and humbling.

I always say it, to me I'm a super average person. I am awkward and silly and even a touch outrageous sometimes. I don't look like a fitness model or pretend to be one, but I do just love telling people about this machine because for what it did for me and if people can relate to me that is something that I will never find words for because it's so amazing and surreal to me.

Pre- and post-workout nutrition 101

Figuring out a pre- and post-exercise nutrition regimen can be tricky. I get it — I have been there.

Like so many things in life, the trick is to find the balance; we need to eat enough before and after the workout to feel nourished and full, but not so much that we feel bloated and gross. Unfortunately, the balance will look slightly different for everyone. I have learned what works for me through trial and error. You will have to decipher what works for you, but there are a few tips I can offer that might help guide you in the right direction

The 10th Annual Frank J. Flaman Foundation Gala is taking place on March 18th

The 10th Annual Frank J. Flaman Foundation Gala is taking place on March 18th, 2016 in Edmonton, AB. (By the way, Frank Flaman founded "Flaman.")

The location is new – it will be at the Fantasyland Hotel - and the theme is "The Roaring Twenties!" There will be prizes for best costumes and the evening is sure to be an extraordinary and unforgettable one.

Why Frank Cares

Why does Frank Flaman want to make a difference in the world? (By the way, Frank founded "Flaman.") Frank has spent many years learning, reading and researching opportunities in the world and how he can help to end global suffering. He has discovered two major things:

  1. The lack of unsafe water and sanitation are the world's largest causes of illness.
  2. Food security is of utmost importance! Lack of sustainable food sources leads to malnutrition and death in most parts of the world.

And, in the words of Mother Theresa, "If you can't feed 100 people, then feed just one."

How I've been preparing to be on The Shopping Channel again

Come Saturday night I will be on The Shopping channel for my first LIVE show at 10 pm.
I'm nervous
I'm excited
I'm anxious

Now this time I feel much more relaxed with knowing what to expect and where I'm going and all that from when I went in September. Yet this time there is twice the shows and product so I am just feeling more nervous that way.

So how have I been preparing?

Call it endorphins or habit or whatever you like

I always knew I felt better after I worked out but I had never been in a situation where I needed to 'calm' myself and used working out to help that. On Tuesday night after that long day, I neeeeded that workout. My body was craving something and as soon as I worked out I felt instantly better. It was almost like a weight being taken off me, don't get me wrong it wasn't even a great workout, but it was something.

Call it endorphins or habit or whatever you like. Exercising doesn't just do the body good, it is good for the mind. So now I will never second guess that, if I am needing a mental reset the basement for a workout is exactly where I am going.

Vegetarian starts eating meat again, takes 40-minutes off her triathlon bike time

Canada's fitness information leaderKathleen Trotter – took 40 minutes off her triathlon bike time when she started eating meat, after being a vegetarian for 18-years. So, she was already in great shape to complete a triathlon, then eating meat gave her an extra boost.

Kathleen revealed this during a CTV Morning Live Atlantic interview on February 1st.

Rediscover the stability ball!

Ten or so years ago the ball was all the rage - the new "it" fitness toy. Now it is more of a fitness staple; a toy people expect gyms to have, but aren't that excited to actually use. Recently I have rekindled my relationship with the ball. You could say I have had a stability ball renaissance; a ballaissance! The ball is effective, inexpensive and fun fitness tool - what is not to love? If your not using it I highly suggest you try it. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas.