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Blog Archive - March 2016

Looking for a great way to get in shape for the beach?

Looking for a great way to get in shape for the beach?

This superset workout will help you burn up to 500 Calories in 30-40 min!

It is a full body exercise (Great for toning Chest, shoulders and Butt)

With some cardio mixed in.

Clear tips and exercises to get strong and toned arms for summer!

Summer is almost here. (Yeah!) I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me; it is almost impossible for me to be in a bad mood when the sun is shining.

Basically, strong and toned arms are a must! (Notice that I said STRONG and toned — I believe in not just focusing on the aesthetic benefits of exercise! Work out to feel strong, athletic, empowered, energized and capable. Looking good is simply an added bonus!)

The 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness

This posting contains the 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness.

Last week I wrote, "It's shameful to me, but I must confess that last night was my first work-out since Nov 2nd, 2015." Given my fitness blogging/writing/business life (detailed in the past post), my battle to get started into a fitness routine revealed to me:

Starting ain’t easy – and it’s all on you!

It's shameful to me, but I must confess that last night was my first work-out since Nov 2nd, 2015 – yep I'm the fitness blogging guy and I unintentionally took a few months off from working-out. I went home every day with the intentions of starting again, but I didn't.

Here's my reflection on what did and didn't happen to cause this.

Oh, and that image affiliated with this blog posting, yah, that's from before.

How to get to your fitness goals

Hi I'm Clint Manager of the Kelowna Flaman Fitness and Personal Trainer. I have been in the industry of health and fitness for over 18 years now and love every minute of it. I have gone from working the front desk at a huge fitness center to working on a cruise ship teaching fitness classes to working as a nutrition coach to now helping people with their fitness equipment and part time personal trainer/bootcamp instructor.

Today I want help you get to your fitness goals.

What does your goal look like?

I recieved a note from one of our employees today - David Gibbs from our London Ontario store. He explained to me a remarkable transformation he made in 16-weeks, and the change is continuing. The biggest issue was not just the weight loss, but rather the change in his body-fat-percentage, while retaining muscle mass and strength - in a healthy manner. His journey may not be your goal, but his dedication is a model to achieve any goal.

Make interval training your new best friend!

I love intervals. They are convenient — you can do them anywhere and on any piece of equipment or without equipment — AND they are effective. With intervals, you alternate between bouts of high- and low-intensity training. This places a high metabolic demand on the body, burns lots of calories in a short amount of time, produces a high EPOC (post-workout calorie burn), increases mitochondria growth (mitochondria help to burn fat), and helps to improve one's fitness level. I also find that keeping track of the time and shifting speeds makes my workout go by faster.

Plus, they are a fantastic workout regardless of your fitness level; you adapt the interval intensity to fit your current capacity.

Sometimes looking good, helps you feel good

If you guys haven't figured it out, I LOOOVE workout clothes. Its actually pretty embaressing how much I wear 'athletic wear' when I am not being 'athletic'

Like if you think leggings arn't pants, I am not sure we can be friends, because I would say I own 80% 'gym' clothes' and then 20 percent regular people clothes. I won't even say a number because well ..its slightly embaressing. haha I joke, I joke. But kind of serious. haha. Truth being told sometimes I do still like wearing jeans but chances are if you run into me around town, dropping Penn off at preschool or at the rink I am in leggings, a hat and probably a sweater that's a couple sizes to big. It's like boho chic..but actually just comfy, kind of just ran out of the door.

A few common fitness myths debunked

Sure, everyone on Pinterest positions themselves as a fitness expert, and your family, friends, colleagues, and fellow gym members might sound like they know what they're talking about, but that doesn't mean you should blindly trust their advice. There is so much conflicting health and fitness information available. Just because you have heard something a million times doesn't make it correct. I can't tell you how many times I overhear conversations about fitness — at brunch, at parties, and especially at the gym — that are so misguided I almost cringe. I encourage you to be a critical consumer of fitness information. The following are the four myths I hear most often. Take a read and see if you have been consciously or unconsciously buying into them.