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Blog Archive - April 2016

Lifting wieghts late in life

Are you or do you know a senior? Probably right. Well I know of something that your senior family member or friend might like! It's kinda magical, here I'll tell you the benefits and see if it's worth talking about:

Personal Best Life

Maybe this explains why I was having such a difficult time restarting my workouts? Maybe my true inspiration had changed? So, trying to go about things the way I always had wasn't working because of this?


Dave Gibbs - a training update!

We got an update from Dave Gibbs!!! here it is . . . .

Hey Guys !!

Training is going great, currently just under 6 weeks out now from Toronto provincials.

As an update from my last blog . . .

Work out wherever you go

Work out wherever you go

No fancy equipment needed — all you need is something that slides!

Really, "not having equipment" is never a good excuse not to train; you can ALWAYS get an awesome workout using only your own body weight. For example, the circuit below can be done even in the smallest hotel room or on a cottage dock.

Start again, not over

Start over" – one of the most dreaded things to hear.

Today is my 52nd birthday. People ask me if I feel older. I don't. I feel less dumb.

One thing I feel less dumb about is, "I don't get as stressed when things don't go as I thought they should." For example, I didn't restart my work-outs after a surgery, for a lot longer than I had planned – but I did get started again and things are going well..

They key thing is I didn't need to start over, just start again. My fitness level declined, it did not end - that would be defined as "death." So, I only needed to start again from where I was, not over.

I also feel less dumb since I now see more value in others' stories. I love to see when people's "tests become testimonies and their messes becomes messages." This is something I learned from a man I worked with for a while about 20 years ago – Tim Storey - he's truly blessed.

Life Happens for Everyone

I am a true believer of fitness should be a part of your life, not your whole life. Balance is important and sometimes even though you have the best intentions life runs away on you and you don't get your workout in.

Guess what- thats ok, there is no point beating yourself up and getting down on yourself when you can just make a plan and start fresh.

My last 30 days have been crazy.. Meaning my workouts have been very sporadic and my posts not there.