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Blog Archive - October 2016

Need a little extra motivation this month? Get a health buddy!

Set yourself up for "health success" by getting a "health buddy" — a friend who can help you stay motivated and accountable!

If your current health program is not working, instead of feeling frustrated and giving up, be mindful and courageous enough to say, "What I am doing is obviously not working; I need help." Don't be ashamed to ask ...

Fall and winter running 101

Now, I have been running for (gulp) over 15 years. When I first started running I was too nervous to run outside in colder temperatures. I get that adapting to different temperatures can be tricky, especially for newbie runners. I have been there, done that. The lesson I learned is not to be intimidated by the cold.

Amazing Day at TSC

Well it came and went, and as always the day was crazy amazing at TSC.

My first show was at 6:00 am our time and I had a new host I hadn't had before and a new model. That first 10 minutes on air I am always most nervous.

Everyone Needs to Strengthen Their Bum

My current rant....strengthen your bum!

I have been a trainer for over thirteen years, and the majority of people I meet do not have strong glutes (bum muscles). Honestly, weak glutes are to be expected. We all sit too much; sitting tightens the hip flexors (front of the body) and doesn't require the bum to work. The result is weak and neurologically unresponsive glutes. To make matters worse, even when doing exercises that should use the bum — such as running or squats — most of us don't recruit our bum muscles correctly.