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Blog Archive - November 2016

Try boxing to mix up your workout routine

Are you tired of your regular workout routine or looking at a screen on a bike for hours on end to get results? Picking weights up and putting them down, over and over? Why not try boxing! This does NOT mean you have get in the ring and get your face and body punched in. Boxing is a whole body work out that can shed the pounds, leaving you looking and feeling great!

The many advantages of a treadmill desk

There are many advantages to having a treadmill desk rather than a chair or even a ball. Let me explain in a little more detail some of the benefits. When you are sitting at a desk, firstly, no matter how much you focus and think about proper positioning, you will always end in a slouched position.

Having a treadmill desk does NOT mean you have to walk 8 hours a day at your desk. It just means you will be proactive while you are working.

A standing desk could help with your posture

I am not a fan of pushing particular products, and I absolutely do not believe that any one product is a miracle solution for better health. Standing desks are not the panacea for perfect posture or health; using one doesn't make it okay to work for long periods without a break, and it is not going to automatically ensure you lose weight, improve mobility, and improve your posture. But, a standing desk could be one helpful piece of your overall "health puzzle." This is especially true if you combine a standing desk with the goal of generally sitting less and moving more.