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Blog Archive - August 2017

3 New Tricep Exercises

Every new client itemizes their goals. First on most people’s list -- irrespective of age and gender – is some variation on “improved triceps” (the back of the arm). Some people want “stronger triceps.” Others ask for “toned triceps.” Others request more “muscular triceps.” The net take-away is that no one seems completely happy with their current triceps workout. Here are my current favourite triceps exercises.

6 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Cottage

Summer is here in full force — which is fantastic — but it can wreak havoc on a healthy lifestyle; it is easy to consistently overindulge while sitting on the dock, sharing meals with friends and family, playing games, or curling up watching a movie. One or two indulgences can be healthy –— mindfully sharing food with loved ones is a healthy part of a balanced life. The trick is to learn strategies to allow your current self to feel joy and to cultivate positive memories — while still ensuring a happy and proud “future self.”