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Blog Archive - January 2020

See the Difference. See the World.

After Bowflex successfully launched its Max Intelligence™ app, the company ups its motivational ante with two great new apps – JRNY™ and Explore the World™.

The secret to extending the life of your treadmill, elliptical or bike in 2020

It’s a new decade, and you’ve made some resolutions to get 2020 started right. Exercise more. Get yourself back into shape “like you were in your 20’s”. And to kickstart your renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle you’ve picked yourself up a new Bowflex treadmill from Flaman Fitness. Making time for exercise is easier said than done but you’ve already taken a Neil Armstrong-like giant leap toward your fitness goals by picking up said treadmill. You’re now set up for success for years to come.

2020: The Year to Re-think the “Resolution”

Instead of feeling ashamed about past health experiences, be curious and learn from your “past you.” Instead of making grand “wishes” for 2020 — broad unrealistic claims divorced from growth, reflection, and reality — make intelligent, realistic GOALS. For many, the New Year — the demarcation of a “new beginning” — is motivating. If this is true for you, GREAT! Capitalize on the surge of motivation. Since the New Year is now, it is as good a time as any to make a health goal. As my mother taught me, don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today.

Flaman Cold Weather Clothing Drive

When the mercury drops like it has in Edmonton and across the prairies, it’s a nuisance for most people. Maybe your car won’t start, or you have to turn the thermostat up a little to offset the cold. But for some members of our community, the cold presents a serious, potentially life-threatening challenge just to stay warm. And they urgently need our help.