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Blog Archive - July 2021

Do women get bulky when they lift weights?

The idea that lifting weights will make women bulky like men is heavy on mythology but light on logic. Dr. Jose Antonio, CEO and Co-Founder of International Sports Nutrition says college-aged men even have trouble bulking up.

Is “No pain, no gain” good advice?

Sean Kuechenmeister, Certified Athletic Trainer at the New York Sports Science Lab brands this “a myth for sure.” Soreness, he says, is the breakdown of muscle tissues followed by the release of toxins.

Is it true your knees should never pass your toes when you squat?

“To limit that movement is just absurd to me.” Dr. Wesley Wang, Doctor of Physical Therapy”, feels the same: “When you play your sport, do you ever think about your knees being past your toes?

Percussive Massage: The Sweet Beat of Pain Relief

Where does post-workout muscle soreness come from, and more importantly, how do you make it go away? Here's how two components of massage combined forces to go deep on your pain.

The PFX FT Max Functional Trainer: So Versatile, It’s Scary.

The Progression PFX FT Max might look imposing, but it’s built to make doing the things you love a lot easier and much more comfortable. Here's the part-by-part rundown of how it can give you the strength, power, and endurance to enjoy your life.