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Blog Archive - August 2021

What’s the biggest home gym-building mistake?

Many home gym experts will give you the same answer: Running out to buy everything at once. They believe it because it’s a mistake many of them have made themselves.

If I want to start my home gym with one piece of equipment, what should it be?

Experts advise that you consider starting with the item most central to your workout. For example, if you’re big into strength training, you should look at a quality rack.

Does lactic acid cause muscle soreness?

“This is something you hear in the gym a lot,” says Dr. Jose Antonio, CEO of International Sports Nutrition and researcher at Florida’s Southeastern University.

Are sports drinks the best way to rehydrate?

“I would not say that most commercial sports drinks are the most efficient way of rehydrating following a workout,” says Sean Kuechenmeister, Certified Athletic Trainer at the New York Sports Science Lab

Build Your Home Gym Around Your Fitness Goals

Starting a home gym? Consider where you want to finish. Here are some tips on how to build a home gym around your fitness goals. Learn how to select equipment that meets your workout needs while avoiding common mistakes that impede your exercise progress and drain your bank account.

Is the Bowflex Max Trainer an elliptical or a stepper?

The answer is neither … and both … and MORE! The Max Trainer was designed as a hybrid of both machines – with moving handles for great upper-body exercise, as well.

Choosing the Home Gym Space that Motivates You to Exercise.

The room you exercise in can have a huge impact on the quality of your workout. Here’s how you can create a home gym that makes fitness inviting, pleasant, and productive.