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Bobbi Janzen

 Bobbi Janzen Excited to be doing some blogging and sharing some info with you all. My name is Bobbi Janzen. I am a female powerlifter. I have been lifting for just over a year. I am also a fitness instructor which I have been doing since 2001. On top of this I am a mom and wife. And I am visually impaired. My disability, if anything, has challenged me in a good way: to do things I may not have otherwise, and to do them differently. As my vision has declined I have taken different avenues in sport and in my career. I train 6 days a week in lifting with the guidance of an amazing coach and the support and help of my kids and husband. I instruct those in fitness goals during the day and in my spare time I revamp recipes. I love flipping baking recipes into healthier options.

Healthy Recipes for Recovering

Recovery is going very well. I am pleased to feel more like myself before Christmas. It had its hurdles but nothing feels better than being on this side of healing. I look very forward to lifting again. Had to pop in and share these delicious drinks with you all.

No Pain, No Gain

I am only looking forward and gaining new drive. To not acknowledge the hurt or disappointment allows it to live there and then you can't move past it. Your life is what you want it to be. This is what I teach my girls. I am going to embrace that instead of letting any disappointment consume me.

Seeing the Humor in Everyday Life

Growing up, my youngest challenged me. She liked to hide to see if I could "see" her. In the toy box, on top of the fridge and at 18 months, this scared the daylights out of me. She always responded with “Hi Mommy!" As she got older, she became more creative with my sight.

Down and Not Out

Embracing downtime. Downtime is a hard concept to wrap your head around, especially when you are used to being on the go all the time. I thrive on structure. A couple days, or even a week of downtime is fine, but entering a time of more than that can be hard. Harder than training full force.

The beauty of it is, that everyone in my house has come to teach me a thing or two......

Playing with Food

Playing with food is always a big component in our kitchen. We love good tasting, good for you foods. This helps me as an athlete, my kids grow stronger, and my family stay healthy. We enjoy getting creative with fruits and vegetables. A main staple in my diet is a protein shake post-workout. I thought I would share some of our favorites.

Hitting the Reset Button

I was dealt a card that I don't like. After training so hard and then 3 weeks away from my provincial competition I had to withdraw. It was worse than getting lemon in a wound. Ouch! There are always worse things in life but I am stubborn and I wanted to compete.

Truth is life is not always what we want it to be

Try activity outside your comfort zone

Allow yourself to step outside the box. Get out of your comfort zone and explore. I recently went to a conference and learned there are more sports out there than I have ever realized, especially on a high competitive level. The amount of women playing tackle football at an elite level is amazing. We have a competitive handgun team, slalom kayaking - all amazing within their own right. I never would have found powerlifting if I hadn't stepped out of my comfort zone. I think more sports should be introduced and explored so people know what is out there.

I Don’t Need Fixing

Lately I have run into a bunch of people who seem to think I need fixing. But I am not broken, I am not sick, I am quite well thank you. There seem to be two types of people: those who accept my vision loss and those who don't understand vision loss at all and pity it. There is nothing to pity unless one pities themself. I do believe my condition has led me to be the woman that I am today, which is not a bad thing. I choose only to see the positive attributes. Hopefully it will help me grow stronger as a lifter too as I use my senses, such as feeling the muscles fire, to grow stronger and lift more.

Trusting in the Process

Trusting in the process – it's a term my coach has used before. I like to throw my whole heart into things and I love structure in certain aspects of my life. Lately I find myself tuning into that saying for a few things.

My training is a process is always trust. My body sometimes betrays me a bit, so slowing down and thinking about trusting the process helps. This applies from tying my shoes to applying the correct balance in overhead squats.

Be the Change You Want to See

Everyone is entitled to a rough day. A rough week. A bump in the road. But it's about how you deal. Sometimes that's part of being strong – it is just a different kind of strength. I see this sometimes with my clients when they fall into a rut and I often tell them that maybe they need change. Change is good. So last week I was feeling under the weather, being female can be crappy at times. I worked hard but felt drained and unwell all week.....