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Eric Anderson

 Eric Anderson Eric has been a fitness enthusiast for 31 years. His diverse background has seen him write and lecture on a variety of topics, and now he gets to write about something he has always loved - fitness. Eric explores a variety of fitness topics and sorts out the good from the bad information, then strings it into an understandable story. He has spoken to university students, Fortune 500 corporations and fitness associations on “A healthy way to healthy” and “The Financial ROI from Fitness.”

The 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness

This posting contains the 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness.

Last week I wrote, "It's shameful to me, but I must confess that last night was my first work-out since Nov 2nd, 2015." Given my fitness blogging/writing/business life (detailed in the past post), my battle to get started into a fitness routine revealed to me:

Starting ain’t easy – and it’s all on you!

It's shameful to me, but I must confess that last night was my first work-out since Nov 2nd, 2015 – yep I'm the fitness blogging guy and I unintentionally took a few months off from working-out. I went home every day with the intentions of starting again, but I didn't.

Here's my reflection on what did and didn't happen to cause this.

Oh, and that image affiliated with this blog posting, yah, that's from before.

What does your goal look like?

I recieved a note from one of our employees today - David Gibbs from our London Ontario store. He explained to me a remarkable transformation he made in 16-weeks, and the change is continuing. The biggest issue was not just the weight loss, but rather the change in his body-fat-percentage, while retaining muscle mass and strength - in a healthy manner. His journey may not be your goal, but his dedication is a model to achieve any goal.

The 10th Annual Frank J. Flaman Foundation Gala is taking place on March 18th

The 10th Annual Frank J. Flaman Foundation Gala is taking place on March 18th, 2016 in Edmonton, AB. (By the way, Frank Flaman founded "Flaman.")

The location is new – it will be at the Fantasyland Hotel - and the theme is "The Roaring Twenties!" There will be prizes for best costumes and the evening is sure to be an extraordinary and unforgettable one.

Why Frank Cares

Why does Frank Flaman want to make a difference in the world? (By the way, Frank founded "Flaman.") Frank has spent many years learning, reading and researching opportunities in the world and how he can help to end global suffering. He has discovered two major things:

  1. The lack of unsafe water and sanitation are the world's largest causes of illness.
  2. Food security is of utmost importance! Lack of sustainable food sources leads to malnutrition and death in most parts of the world.

And, in the words of Mother Theresa, "If you can't feed 100 people, then feed just one."

Vegetarian starts eating meat again, takes 40-minutes off her triathlon bike time

Canada's fitness information leaderKathleen Trotter – took 40 minutes off her triathlon bike time when she started eating meat, after being a vegetarian for 18-years. So, she was already in great shape to complete a triathlon, then eating meat gave her an extra boost.

Kathleen revealed this during a CTV Morning Live Atlantic interview on February 1st.

It’s Pink Floyd’s Fault

"You can't have any pudding unless you eat your meat . . .How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"(It's better on the recording, so go here).

The lyric from Pink Floyd's album "The Wall" echoes a common phrase from many of our youths.

Kathleen Trotter is becoming Canada’s fitness information leader

Three recent media items have caught people's attention – Kathleen Trotter was quoted by Walmart with having the #1 fitness tip for people looking to make changes this year, quoted by the Toronto Star with fitness tips, and gave a series of CBC radio interviews across Canada on fitness tips on New Year's Eve.If it were these three alone that would be a sizeable achievement, but when her other accomplishments are noted a clear trend is developing.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Warranties Compared

If you own a gym with multiple pieces of fitness equipment, the cost of 'ownership' or 'operation' of this equipment includes not only purchase price and maintenance costs, but also (1) repair costs, but more importantly (2) the critical cost of "irate gym members not being able to use the equipment they are paying to use and not being able to maintain their routines or achieve their goals."

The equipment being supported by quickly accessible service techs should vastly shorten the second "irrate customers from down time" issue, but what about the first issue - who pays for the repairs?

Here are a few warranty examples from leading equipment manufacturers.

2 steps to motivation

Getting from the ''idea" stage to the "doing" stage is the key to all fitness efforts. Frankly, if I could solve that one issue I would have the cure to most issues facing the world. Tim Storey came close when he discussed "Today's decisions are tomorrow's realities" see

So what is motivation? Well, it's the thought that causes you to do something.

We have two simple steps to get it.