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Eric Anderson

 Eric Anderson Eric has been a fitness enthusiast for 31 years. His diverse background has seen him write and lecture on a variety of topics, and now he gets to write about something he has always loved - fitness. Eric explores a variety of fitness topics and sorts out the good from the bad information, then strings it into an understandable story. He has spoken to university students, Fortune 500 corporations and fitness associations on “A healthy way to healthy” and “The Financial ROI from Fitness.”

Fitness critical in stressful times

Mental health professionals say in times of stress, exercise is critical.

This stress can be from economic down-turns, family issues, job loss, moving, social problems or a multitude of other things.

Weight lifting 2-times per week is great for the brain

The short of it is, moderate weight training two times per week, can help maintain the smooth flow of information from one portion of your brain to another. And, if your various brain functions can't work together, there are a bunch of issues that can arise. The smooth flow if caused by the reduction of lesion's in the brain's white matter.

Fat but aerobically fit worse than slim and lazy

A news item was picked-up by almost every major news outlet in the western world recently - just before our traditional New Years' Eve "pledge to change our lives" time. The story had several titles, most ranging from "Fat but fit worse than slim and lazy" to "No truth to fat but fit." Some even added the tag line "Study demolishes myth that exercise makes up for obesity, scientists say."

Your fitness can be for everyone else

The holidays – being about families - remind us that we want to be there for them; for our parents as they age, for our kids as they grow, for our friends that are our chosen family.

But, in order to be there for all the milestones you need to be healthy and able. And it would be best if you just weren't able to talk about it with them, it would be great to actually be there and maybe even participate in it with them.

So one of the best gifts you can give someone is being there for them for as long as you are able, and that means taking care of your health.

Your fitness level is a “Vital Sign”

Your level of fitness is a critical and basic measure of your health, just like your blood pressure or temperature. As a note, vital signs are useful in detecting or monitoring medical problems.

Kathleen Trotter explains the “mental approach” to have success in fitness

A lot of people can tell you what to physically do for fitness, but very few can tell you what to mentally do. Kathleen Trotter brilliantly explains a "mental approach" to have success fitness, during a 48-minute interview on Peach Radio . . .

Heart Association: Physical activity is the magic elixir of health

Dr. Eduardo Sanchez - the Chief Medical Officer for Prevention for the American Heart Association - described physical activity or exercise as "the magic elixir of health."

In a recent webinar (Physical Activity as a Vital Sign, Nov. 17, 2015 sponsored by Garmin), Dr. Sanchez explained that his "magic elixir of health" phrase stems from a statement he "just loves." The statement he "just loves" is, ". . . there is no single medication that can positively influence as many organ systems (cardiorespiratory, vascular, musculoskeletal, mental, metabolic) as can physical activity."

Flaman Fitness Wins Edmonton Journal Readers' Choice Award

"Today's the Day." Those three words have been dominant at Flaman Fitness in the past year. But for the national fitness company, they are not just a slogan, but a powerful message that Flaman wants to spread to all Canadians.

Fitness Equipment, Wearables, and Apps - Compatibility

Physical activity can be recorded, stored, and portrayed via a collection of devices. There are wearable devices - worn on wrist, around waste, around chest. etc. - than can measure your movements (or lack of), heart rate, sleeping patterns, changes in altitude (stairs climbed), body temperature, breathing rates, and other fitness related metrics.

Fitness equipment can also measure activity like a wearable and often provide much more accurate measurement - and then submit the information to the same smartphone app or computer software.

Why and what a home gym?

For decades I travelled to a gym/club and had my work-outs. Then about 2 and a half years ago I moved to an acreage and travelling to a gym/club would have become problematic (at the least). So, I created a home gym.