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Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown has been a writer and broadcast producer for over two decades. A graduate of two Grant MacEwan communications programs, he’s worked in advertising, on-air promotions, radio and as a freelancer for clients like Astral Television Networks, the YMCA of Northern Alberta and Alberta Venture. He’s expounded on a wide variety of subjects, including locally-sourced produce, potable water containment and Lalaloopsy dolls (no kidding). Working with the YMCA opened his eyes to the transformative roles fitness and community involvement play in lives and society – making Flaman Fitness a natural destination. You can see more of his work here:

Selling Your Offspring ON Spring: Four Fun, Fit Family Activities to Get Your Kids Outdoors

Spring has finally sprung you! Here are four healthy activities that will thrill your kids and help your family make the most of their long-awaited escape outdoors.

Get No Motor Running: How Two Motorless Xebex Treadmills Make Short Work of HIIT.

Xebex Fitness has spent over 30 years earning its “Best Cross Training HIIT Brand.” Two feature-rich curved manual treadmills – the Xebex Runner and Xebex AirPlus Runner helped get them there. Find out why.

Stroke of Genius: Why the Xebex Air Rower 2.0 Keeps Pulling in Awards

For over three decade, Xebex Fitness has strived to take the lead in manufacturing innovative cross-training and HIIT-ready equipment. In part 2 of a three-part series, we show how that drive has made the Xebex Air Rower multi-award winner.

HIIT Record: Three Great Products Represent Xebex’s Legacy of Fitness Innovation - Part 1

With three decades of experience, Xebex Fitness has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of innovative cross-training and HIIT-ready equipment. In part 1 of a three-part series, we look at how the Xebex Air Bike AB-1 delivers the goods.

The Proof Is in the Pedalling: Six Online Reviewers Deliver a Schwinn IC4 Bike-Build Report Card.

Does the Schwinn IC4 live up to it's promise? Here's what six online reviewers had to say about this bike's top promoted features - and then some.

IC4-mania: Why a "Bike that Goes Nowhere" is leaving stores so fast.

The Schwinn IC4 Indoor Bike may have become a hot seller after lockdowns and gym closures, but there are far more reasons for its popularity.

In like Schwinn: How the Economical IC4 Bike Delivers the “Peloton Club” Experience – and More!

Compact, affordable, and well-built, the Schwinn IC4 may be best known for making the popular Peloton app accessible to more home users. However, that's just one of several top apps this feature-rich indoor bike can deliver.

Leaning Toward Leaning: Why Indoor Cyclists Are Swaying Toward the Bowflex VeloCore Spin Bike.

The Bowflex VeloCore is making a name as the bike that leans. It’s an amazing innovation, but it’s not all that this intuitive, responsive, entertaining and well-crafted bike can do.

Every Step of the Way: How the Innovative Bowflex JRNY App Keeps Your Fitness Goals on Track

Bowflex JRNY is an easy-to-use, fitness-focused, massively motivating artificial intelligence app that shortens the distance between you and your goals by learning from your capabilities then adjusting with an individualized experience. Here's how it does all that.

You Say You Want a Resolution? How to keep your New Year Fitness Fortitude from Fading by February

Every January 1, people resolve to make themselves stronger and healthier. By every following February, many have given up. Here's what happens, why it happens, and how you can beat the odds and keep those New Year's fitness resolutions.