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Josh Saunders

Boot Camp Posture 101

Some individuals think chiropractics is quack work. I disagree with that opinion. The practice of aligning the spine is of paramount importance to the efficiency in which signals are transduced from our minds to our muscles. Our spine has 3 curves naturally, and any deviance from this optimal structure will interrupt the flow of information and cause other muscles to overcompensate because of this.

Your Shoes Are Causing You Back Pain

Hey guys,
I see this mistake often in the gym. Lots of people are guilty of it, and it may be further adding to your lower back pain.
And it is...

My Favorite Boot Camp Exercises

There are a lot of traditional boot camp exercises out there (running, sit ups, mountain climbers, etc.). Unfortunately, most of them will not get you great fat loss results. Most of them are hard to do if you are injured or managing a chronic injury and cause a lot of frustration with your weight loss results. With that said, a boot camp must provide a dynamic, periodical program with progressive overload so clients can build more muscle, raise their metabolism, and thus burn more fat.