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Marty MacPhee

 Marty MacPhee Marty MacPhee is certified Precision Nutritionist and is in his 6th year of training clients and offering nutritional consulting in the Red Deer area. He uses his own “Mega Marty Method,” a different approach than most. The time Marty puts into each workout program, nutrition plan, or contest prep is detailed and highly individualized. He is unbelievably passionate about the nutrition industry. Visit him online at or on Facebook

Calories in Calories Out

Let me start this blog off by asking you a question: do you think that if we were to duplicate your genetics, and we were to feed one of you 2000 calories of chicken, and the other 2000 calories of ice cream, your body would end up the same? Of course not. It just sounds hilarious to begin with.

A Passion for Nutrition

I am in my 6th year of training clients and offering nutritional consulting as a professional in the field. Over four of those years, it has been my only full time job. I am very confident in my training practice and in my skills for adjusting nutritional programs, training programs, supplement programs and the like, but I want more. I am unbelievably passionate about this industry and here is why....