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Did You Know?

What is Plyometric Training?

Plyometric exercises activate the fast-twitch fibres – which are difficult to activate with regular weightlifting exercises.

What's the deal with Strength Training?

Strength training has many benefits. More muscle = more burned calories. "Building muscle mass helps your body burn fat more efficiently at rest," says Michelle Lovitt, a celebrity trainer and exercise physiologist.

How can I keep my New Year Resolution?

It’s fairly common to set a new years resolution that involves health and fitness, but it’s also common for resolutions to be forgotten (or ignored) after a few months of dedication. Here are some tips to help:

How Does Vibration Enhance Foam Rolling?

On their own, foam rollers are outstanding training and physical therapy tools. They can warm up your muscles before an intense workout, roll out waste products, relieve pain and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness afterward.

What Are the Health Benefits of Jumping Rope?

The sport of jump rope offers many physical and cognitive benefits. Boxers, gym-goers and home gym trainers use it to burn calories, fortify bones, strengthen joints, improve balance, build their cores, and boost their quickness and agility.

​What’s the Story Behind the Stability Ball?

Although the stability ball is often called the “Swiss Ball,” it actually originated in Italy. Engineer Aquilino Cosani invented a formula for a burst-proof inflatable ball in 1963. It was originally marketed as a toy.

What inspired the creation of the Bowflex Max Trainer?

Engineers at the Nautilus – Bowflex’s parent company – started with one tangible goal: Creating a great workout that could be performed in a limited time. Based on our busy lifestyle, the team set a target of 14 minutes for a substantial calorie burn.

How do you injury-proof your treadmill workout?

Don’t skip your warm-up. Being indoors, you might already feel warm and want to dive straight into your workout. But getting your blood flowing and your muscles warm beforehand lessens the impact on your joints and strain on your heart and lungs.

Where should you set up your suspension trainer?

Attach your suspension trainer to a secure anchor point that can support your body weight. Indoors, you can use sturdy beams, weight racks, or heavy bag mounts.

What makes kettlebells uniquely effective?

Kettlebells offer a distinct advantage that barbells, dumbbells and other free-weight options don’t: Ballistic Movement.