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Tips on healthy eating, recipes and helpful info about your food.

Don't be afraid of fat — the good kind of course!

Too often when people tell me they are on a "low fat" diet it means they are eating tons of nutritionally vapid and processed foods such as muffins, puddings, cereals, and yogurts. Basically, they are eating foods labeled "low fat."

I know — the "low fat" label can be tempting! It is easy to believe that eating something labeled "low fat" will result in a svelte body. The problem is that so many foods labeled "low fat" are actually high in sugar and nutritionally empty. (Not to mention that most foods that are labeled are not that nutritious. I always encourage my clients to mainly fill their cart with fresh produce and lean proteins — to shop "the outside of the grocery store" — which for the most part will mean buying unlabeled foods. But I digress.)

Adopt what I call the "Captain Obvious" approach to health!

Start owning your health choices; adopt what I call the "Captain Obvious" approach to health!

Adopting a healthier lifestyle shouldn't be expensive or complicated. I am not arguing it won't be challenging. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will be an intense process - an ultimately rewarding process, but nonetheless a lifelong and intense process. Modifying a habit takes perseverance, dedication and mindfulness.

What I am saying is, you don't have to spend oodles of money on cleansing programs, protein powders or the latest miracle food to achieve your health and wellness goals. The health and wellness industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry because it feeds on selling the belief that everyone has to participate in the new "it" workout, buy certain supplements and/or live by the current restrictive nutrition regimen to achieve their health goals.

What does your goal look like?

I recieved a note from one of our employees today - David Gibbs from our London Ontario store. He explained to me a remarkable transformation he made in 16-weeks, and the change is continuing. The biggest issue was not just the weight loss, but rather the change in his body-fat-percentage, while retaining muscle mass and strength - in a healthy manner. His journey may not be your goal, but his dedication is a model to achieve any goal.

A few common fitness myths debunked

Sure, everyone on Pinterest positions themselves as a fitness expert, and your family, friends, colleagues, and fellow gym members might sound like they know what they're talking about, but that doesn't mean you should blindly trust their advice. There is so much conflicting health and fitness information available. Just because you have heard something a million times doesn't make it correct. I can't tell you how many times I overhear conversations about fitness — at brunch, at parties, and especially at the gym — that are so misguided I almost cringe. I encourage you to be a critical consumer of fitness information. The following are the four myths I hear most often. Take a read and see if you have been consciously or unconsciously buying into them.

Pre- and post-workout nutrition 101

Figuring out a pre- and post-exercise nutrition regimen can be tricky. I get it — I have been there.

Like so many things in life, the trick is to find the balance; we need to eat enough before and after the workout to feel nourished and full, but not so much that we feel bloated and gross. Unfortunately, the balance will look slightly different for everyone. I have learned what works for me through trial and error. You will have to decipher what works for you, but there are a few tips I can offer that might help guide you in the right direction

Vegetarian starts eating meat again, takes 40-minutes off her triathlon bike time

Canada's fitness information leaderKathleen Trotter – took 40 minutes off her triathlon bike time when she started eating meat, after being a vegetarian for 18-years. So, she was already in great shape to complete a triathlon, then eating meat gave her an extra boost.

Kathleen revealed this during a CTV Morning Live Atlantic interview on February 1st.

Time to attack your resolutions

January is well on its way and so are my resolutions – My workouts have been top notch with my cardio being bumped up by 20 extra minutes. Like I said I want 2016 to be my fittest year yet, so I figured lets start with more cardio and more squats and go from there...

Another Resolution of mine was to try juicing.

How you can avoid over-eating Halloween candy

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means: Candy. Chocolate. Temptation. But we have some tricks on how you can avoid going overboard.

Tips to avoid overindulging at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – and that means turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the fixings. It's very easy to overindulge at this time of year, especially if you have multiple family dinners to go to. But your diet doesn't have to suffer completely.

Find Balance in your Cooking

I have mentioned in my other posts that my husband has played hockey his whole life - him playing hockey is actually how we met. He was playing his first year of junior hockey in Estevan and I went to a party and well,the rest was history.