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Tips on healthy eating, recipes and helpful info about your food.

Food Guide = Here’s the alphabet – now go read a book

A lot of food guides and nutrition labels are well intended, but they are sort of like showing a person the alphabet and then expecting them to read a book. They've forgotten the "how" portion of things. It's also like trying to learn to swim from reading a book – it leads to a lot of disasters. Or it's like saying "Win games and then you win championships." But how do you win the games?

Tips to lose those last 5 pounds

When you first start a weight-loss journey, the pounds often come off fast. But as you get closer to your goal, it's not unusual to hit a plateau. Here are some tips to help you drop those last 5 (or more) pounds and reach your goal.

You can't outrun your fork!

The simple truth that people constantly try to avoid is "you can't out run your fork." Yes, your fork is an incredibly powerful device that can easily destroy any amount of time spent, in any gym, doing any exercise, for any amount of time. It's all about calories taken-in by eating vs. calories burned or used by doing something. Too many calories in and not enough out – you gain weight; more calories out than in, you lose weight.

What's the best way to cook vegetables?

We all know that eating vegetables is good for you. But to get the most nutritional benefits out of your veggies, you have to cook them right.

7 Tips to Eat Healthier

You've been working out and sticking to an exercise routine, but that's just one part of weight loss. All your hard work on your machine can be lost if you're not eating right.

Nutritional Supplements and Your Workout

There are three types of nutritional supplements people take around workouts. Ones before, or pre, ones during, or peri, and ones after, or post. Each one has different nutritional components and serves its own purpose. The different supplement combinations you mix for these shakes are sometimes referred to as a 'stack'. You customize your stack by brand and supplement to suit your needs.

Tips to Increase Your Water Intake

Are you looking for ways to increase your water intake? Drinking plenty of water each day has many known health benefits. Check out our 7 easy tips to help you drink more water each day.

9 Tips to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. And that means Christmas parties, Christmas baking and chocolates and treats wherever you look. Temptation is everywhere – but that doesn't mean your diet or healthy habits have to go out the window. Here are some helpful tips for finding that balance between enjoying yourself and still staying healthy over the holidays.

It's Not Just What You Eat, But Why and How

I was at a wedding recently and the person sitting beside me was eating a very large piece of cake while simultaneously telling me about her great new gluten-free diet. She had fallen into a common dieting trap: using the rules of her nutrition regime to justify less than optimal nutritional choices.

5 Crucial Fitness Tips I Wish I'd Known When I Was Younger

I'm "only" 31, so it may be premature to already have a list to tell my younger self, but I have been a trainer for almost 12 years, and working out seriously for 16, so I feel I am entitled to at least a preliminary list.