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Dave Gibbs - a training update!

We got an update from Dave Gibbs!!! here it is . . . .

Hey Guys !!

Training is going great, currently just under 6 weeks out now from Toronto provincials.

As an update from my last blog . . .

My motivation is always high, in a bodybuilding prep my energy levels go up and down very frequently but I have a goal in mind and I love seeing the final result ! Nothing beats accomplishing something!

New challanges this prep is that I am carb cycling so my meal plan that my coach Aron Giberson out of Guelph Ontario gives me changes very often. So staying on top of that and dealing with feeling very hungry on my low carb days. We measure progress by check ups with pictures or in person meetings every few days as my weight drops. Right now I have no other goals in mind but bringing the best me to this show. Once this show is over, then myself and Aaron can start planning for future goals !!