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​Dog vs. Exercise Bike: A Head-to-Head Comparison of “Your Best Friend” Competitors

If your dog starts barking at your exercise bike, don’t be alarmed. That’s what happens when something else vies for the role of your best friend, and your exercise bike is going hard to make its case.

Could your exercise bike be your new best friend? Here are the stats:

Dog: Curls up at your feet.

Exercise Bike: Tones your glutes and legs. It develops your quads every time you push a pedal down and strengthens your hamstrings when you bring it back up – plus it’s a lot gentler on bone joints than your dog is.

Exercise bike: Sheds up to 300 calories in 30 minutes. A 20-minute interval workout was found by Australian researchers to significantly decrease fat levels in the trunks, abdomens and even internal organs of test subjects.

Dog: Sheds on your couch.

Exercise Bikes: lowers blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, banishes bad cholesterol, strengthens your heart, oxygenates your blood and elevates your mood every time you hop on.

Dog: Makes funny leg circles every time you rub its hip.

“Who’s a good buy?”

If you’re ready to welcome an adorable indoor bike into your fitness-loving home, our exercise experts can help you find the upright, recumbent or spin model that fits your goals, fitness level and lifestyle.

If you already have an exercise bike, we hope you’ll sit and stay with your regimen. If you have any questions about how to improve your experience, please call or visit your nearest Flaman Fitness Location – or find great advice and workouts at

P.S.: Dogs are still wonderful, and always will be. Walking them is great for your spirit, mind and body. Why not have two best friends?