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Fitness Fung Shui

Working out at home can be challenging. You have a lot of distractions like the phone, TV, The Family, Your Pets, etc… Then again some people can get through all these distractions and commit to a daily at home workout regime. One of the tricks to that is creating a space that is where you feel the most energy and/or the space that you see yourself sweating in… Fung Shui : To help one improve life by receiving positive. It's a space that you can create positive energy, and what is more positive then working out?? Some people make an exclusive space for working out like an at home gym. Some just do a treadmill, elliptical or bike in the living room and that works. Just remember you need to make your workout area work for you! It comes down to 3 questions to ask yourself whe creating a workout area:

1. Is there room for the equipment? Gyms and Treadmills Take up some space so measure your area then look for the piece of equipment that you can see yourself using…

2. What kind of exercise can I do in this area? If it's just for in front of the TV Recumbent Bikes work great for this…

3. Do I see myself working out in this area? Make sure you pick your equipment based on what you see yourelf using ie if you're a runner then get a Treadmill and if you're a avid wt trainer then a Bench and wts are the way to go…..

If the answers are yes to all three then Walla you have yourself an area to workout in.. Now get going! Do something! Get a treadmill! Find a Workout DVD! Get a Spin bike! Get a Bosu! Anything but the time is now!

Look Good and Feel Good On Purpose!