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Kathleen Trotter is becoming Canada’s fitness information leader

Three recent media items have caught people's attention – Kathleen Trotter was quoted by Walmart with having the #1 fitness tip for people looking to make changes this year, quoted by the Toronto Star with fitness tips, and gave a series of CBC radio interviews across Canada on fitness tips on New Year's Eve.If it were these three alone that would be a sizeable achievement, but when her other accomplishments are noted a clear trend is developing.

First of all, Walmart published the "Top 10 resolutions healthcare experts want you to make in 2016." The #1 tip was "Start today" by Kathleen Trotter.

Second, The Toronto Star Published "No pain, no gain? 5 fitness clichés get a reality check." The first listed fitness expert in the article is Kathleen Trotter.

Finally, CBC radio picked Kathleen for the New Year's Eve fitness guidance to their listeners. You can read more about this series here.

Kathleen is already the featured personal trainer in The Globe and Mail's online 'Fitness Basic' video series, and writes two regular columns for the Globe. She also blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and Healthy Directions magazine and has contributed articles to magazines such as Alive, Canadian Running, Today's Parent, Chatelaine and Glow. She also makes regular appearances on CTV news, City TV, and a variety of online media outlets like Peach Radio. And she does in store and online "Trotter Tips" for the Quesada chain of restaurants.

Kathleen Trotter is becoming Canada's fitness information leader.

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