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Looking for a great way to get in shape for the beach?

Hey Ya'll

Looking for a great way to get in shape for the beach?

This superset workout will help you burn up to 500 Calories in 30-40 min!

It is a full body exercise (Great for toning Chest, shoulders and Butt)

With some cardio mixed in.

4 exercise supersets!

1. Archer – Use a Resistance bands medium resistance
step back 45 degree angle elbow in line with your shoulder pull back like your pulling on a bow and arrow.
If you want you can add a chest fly action with the other hand moving across your body activating your pec while keeping the shoulders down and back.

2. Cross over tap toe taps

This one you will need a step or a bench. What you do here is plant one foot on the step/bench and lift the other one behind you over the step and reach until you tap the foot on the ground both sides. To make this harder you would put more weight in the planted foot.

3. Pushups on a step both sides

Do a push up on one side of the step then the other by walking over the step with your hands. You can make it easier by getting a mat to rest your knees on and modify the push up.

4. Running and Sprinting on a Treadmill

Most treadmills have a quick speed button so pick a speed you can maintain for the minutes allowed but attempt to make the speed a pace that is hard to maintain for that amount of time; i.e. if you can run 7mph for 2 hrs you would pick a speed like a 8mph or higher. Make it tough! Remember try to be efficient with your running add 8 degrees lean forward so use your calves.

2 min - alt archer move (need a resistance band)
40 crossover taps per leg (need a step!)
20 step over push-ups on step
5min run (need a treadmill or a nice day)
1:30 archer (will help with recovery)
30 - crossover taps per leg
15 - step over push-ups
4 min run (go faster)
1 min archer
25 crossover taps per leg
10- step over push ups
3 min run (faster !!)
1 min archer
20 taps
8 push-ups
2 min sprint
1 min Archer

20 toe taps per leg

4 push ups

1 minute sprint!!

And stretch for 10-15min after

Good Luck