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One of the best things about being active is how it influences my son

One of the best things about being active is how it influences my son Penn.

Being four now, literally everything he sees he does or mimics or wants to try. Which trust me can be frustrating at times since he literally had no fear. But it makes me excited when it comes to him seeing me workout.

Penn has been in lacrosse which just wrapped up on the weekend- and watching him out there made me so proud. Penn knows what it's like to run or workout, so out there he was always running, always participating, and just always giving it 100%. Truly can't tell you how special that is to see.

He also everytime I'm working out will come down and ask if he can workout with me or will tell me I'm sweaty and doing a good job.

And being honest, that's so important to me. I want him to grow up knowing that playing being active, and working hard is important. Whether in sports or school or anything. Being a good role model to him is so important to me.

My little man also got to play on his friends ball team and let me tell you, honking bases may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. If you are curious my Penn would do annnnny sport. If it involves running and friends- he's in! Ha

Kids don't care what you look like, but they care when you are involved, they care when you put your swimsuit on and go swimming or run around in the backyard or go for a bike ride. The simple things that sometimes our own worries make hard. So here's to us getting out of our heads and having fun!

So get outside, get playing and have a great week!