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SHHHH Want to know a Secret ?

SHHHH Want to know a Secret ?

So I'm sure most of us have heard of "The Secret". The book is no secret but its idea really does work! There is one thing they don't like to focus on though and that's the work part.

Ok ok I might have lost a few of you as maybe you haven't yet read the secret or you believe that you can just dream up things and they just magically happen or your thinking isn't this a fitness blog? With that being said I will tell you what the Secret is in a nut shell ... Ok you ready? Again your thinking ya ya tell us already!! The Secret is if you imagine it, and want it badly enough it will come true! Example if I Imagine belly becoming flat it will become flat. Is it true?? My answer is YES its half true. You can't just imagine getting fit and happening. It takes action. The Action can be scary so the best way to alleviate that fear is imagine it!! The more you can Imagine something like working out, the easier the action becomes ! Try thinking about a workout then writing down that workout. If you don't actually do the workout you will feel incomplete. Most people don't like to leave things undone. One of the best basketball players of all time Micheal Jordan) used to imagine the entire up coming game! And he ended up winning 6 Championships!

So Try this:

Imagine your next 6 weeks when it comes to fitness. How many times a week will you workout? What kind of workouts will you do? What will the results look like? What will today's workout look like ? Will you sweat ? Will you work on a specific body part? How long will you workout? How will you feel after? Take 10 mins and Visualize the workout and how its going to effect your current fitness goal.

These thoughts Bring us closer and closer to our fitness goals because everything starts with a thought. So dust off that imagination hat or cap and get started today ! its easy because all it takes is a thought.