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Sneak in Strength

Strength training is a key part of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Many people believe lifting weights will turn them into someone who looks like a body builder, which is not true. Weekly weight training will help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and prevent injury by having stronger muscles, joints, and supporting ligaments. You're too busy though, right? Wrong! You can easily incorporate strength training into your day with some of these great ideas.

  1. Commercial Break Challenge – STOP! During the commercial breaks of your favorite show don't fast forward, take the 3 minutes and try:
    • Lifting dumbbells - do an exercise 12 times, rest for 1 min, then repeat under the commercial break is over
    • Pushups – Start your timer on your phone and do 30 sec of pushups, rest 1 min, and repeat
  1. Play Time – Do you have kids? Play with them and use them as your weights. Lifting kids, giving airplane rides, and horse rides are all great forms of physical activity that engage your muscles.
  2. Light Grocery Shopping – Are you getting groceries? Try taking a basket instead of the cart if your list isn't too long
  3. Maximize Your Cardio – If you already schedule a run, jog, walk, or other cardio into your week, take 15 min and try doing 2 or 3 strength exercises before. Do an exercise 10-12 times, rest for 1 min, then repeat 3 times per exercise.
  4. Yard Work – get your shovels moving or haul those planters and bags of grass clippings. Getting outside regardless of the season, and shoveling snow, dirt, or doing other yardwork, will engage multiple muscles groups.

There are so many ways that you can sneak some strength conditioning into your daily activities. The key is to keep moving to keep your heartrate up and not take long breaks while you're doing these sneaky exercises. Be creative and have fun.