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The 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness

This posting contains the 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness.

Last week I wrote, "It's shameful to me, but I must confess that last night was my first work-out since Nov 2nd, 2015." Given my fitness blogging/writing/business life (detailed in the past post), my battle to get started into a fitness routine revealed to me:

* Knowing why you should work out is not enough

* Knowing what to do is not enough

* Having the equipment at home is not enough

* Having the best equipment is not enough

* Having the time is not enough

* Hearing inspirational stories is not enough

* Discussing fitness with inspirational people is not enough

* All of the above combined is not enough

Wow, that means it's only my fault? That can't be true ;-). I have no-one else or anything else to blame.

And, I've also learned that "making a change is hard." Or as I wrote, "It's Never Easy." Wow, did that one come back to haunt me.

So I rediscovered that "starting ain't easy."

But more importantly, I realised the 1 amazing fact that will change your fitness is - "it's all on you." You can have everything handed to you, to start your fitness journey – but until you decide to start and then you actually start, nothing will happen.

"It's all on you."

So, what has happened since I started?

Who knew – I started to work-out again and I feel better! Wow, I'm on to something new here!

I'm such an idiot.I knew this would happen but I still took months to get going again.

Maybe next week I will discover that sticking your hand into a fire hurts.

My routine has me walking/running on a treadmill, then doing strength training. The program is:

  • Walk 2-minutes at 3 mph
  • Run 3-minutes at 5 mph
  • Repeat (did 3-sets of this on 3 days, then moved to 4-sets today; I will keep increasing the total time with more run and less walk over time)


  • Legs and back strength training one-day


  • Arms/chest the other day