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The Has-Beens…

Birthday week is coming up in our house for my hubby and I. He is turning the big 4-0. I am not far behind. I feel better about this number than I did 10 years ago, nearing 30. It has caused some reflection though.

I have been out walking a lot lately as we finally have some nice weather. I was thinking a bike ride would be nice. A run would be nice. I mentioned this to my kids. These were things I used to be able to do unassisted; running, biking, rollerblading, and more. For a moment they felt sad. I let them know those were my has-been moments. The things I am now, I wasn't then. I am now strong, stronger than I was. I am wiser, and I think I am braver. Twenty years ago I may not have had aches in my knees when it rains, but there was no way I could have lifted 200 pounds, or even my bodyweight.

I look at people I have met along my path in their 70s and older that are stronger than I am, by far. I have chose to be strong. I continue to choose that path. The has-beens may be a little sad, but there are other ways to bike or to run. Would I give it up for being a strong woman? Never. As my sight deteriorates, I may lose the ability to do a few other things, but I will gain new paths. I adapt with my lifting and I will adapt with my life.

There are so many has-beens, but there is way more will-bes. There was a time I kicked a soccer ball, there will be a time I deadlifted 300. There was also a time my hair wasn't gray.

A friend mentioned getting older sucks. Everything hurts. It's true. I didn't feel pain at 16. Being less active would hurt way more, so I choose to stay strong. My daughter fears getting older, but I aim to show her that there is so much to look forward to each day. The will-bes are so great. Let go of the old, and embrace all that is new.