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Time to attack your resolutions

Time to attack your resolutions:

January is well on its way and so are my resolutions – My workouts have been top notch with my cardio being bumped up by 20 extra minutes. Like I said I want 2016 to be my fittest year yet, so I figured lets start with more cardio and more squats and go from there.

By more squats I am meaning just that. More squats. Add in squats everyday, no weights nothing. Just before I shower or after my cardio, before I make lunch. Anything just squat. What squatting does for your legs and butt is impressive as I have shown in my 30 day squat challenges. So try it, you don't even have to do the challenge just add them in whenever like I am doing now!

Another Resolution of mine was to try juicing. Which I am happy to report I am 7 days in now and ABSOULTLY loving it! Last Tuesday I had my 4th reaction and I decided to take matters into my own hands. To start jucing and just eating chicken with adding something new each day. This way I could eliminate foods and know exactly what I was putting into my body with whole foods.

Every morning I have had

  • 2 small Cucumbers
  • 2 Celery
  • Handful of Spinach
  • Handful of Kale
  • 1 Green Apple
  • Optional a couple pieces of Pineapple

I loveeee it. I find it very refreshing and just perfect. My husband on the other hand didn't like it at all, that taste just wasn't for him. But that's why you make different flavours. You can add in more fruit if you want it to be more 'fruiter' than 'vegtabley' the thing to remember is most fruits are actually high in sugar, so depending on what your watching that is something to be aware of. Not that fruits are bad, you should eat them and I believe in balance. But it is important to be aware of high sugar fruits and high acidic fruits.

Another thing that is my newest addiction is tea! Starting with Vanilla Matcha and Peppermint tea. Sometimes water gets boring and I just would turn to a flavoured or carbonated water. And the occasional ginger ale. Those were my go-tos. BUT with all these new flavoured teas I have had my word opened to thanks to Steeped Teas from my sister in law and David's Tea. My world is forever changed! Haha But seriously I am loving tea, like who knew?!

So it's a new week, with another time to be awesome!