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Tuning In

Training away from home and stepping outside of my box two weeks away from Nationals is always a pleasure and a key component for me. Having people get in my space and changing what I see in my peripheral helps so much. I am so used to my own space and having my useable sight clear. Having the blurs of faces or arms etc. as well as multiple voices and different acoustics helps with my mental training and my physical training. I am able to adjust and settle in. At first it is almost unsettling to get used to the added movement and noise, then I am able to tune in to my new environment and settle into training. For me, this is extremely important to do before a meet. I am very grateful to my coach and powerlifting friends who help make these adjustments happen.

I am still healing post op but doing very well strength-wise. Finding what works for recovery after my heavy lifts is also key during this time. Hot yin and naps if I need them. Hot yin yoga helps stretch any stiff scar tissue and mellows out the mind, as much as I may hate it at the time (I now know how my yoga students feel when I instruct!) It has been a vital tool for me. I also fought the catnap, but not worth the fight if 10 minutes makes me feel like a new woman, and I have such a short time until Nationals. I will nap. My husband asked me "Why fight a nap?" I will take his advice.

Small adjustments to my diet and walking more are all things I have found useful. Minor changes in the scheme of things make me a happy and healthy lifter. The body sometimes tells you what it needs. This still enables me to be a good wife and mother. I am so happy for the opportunity to be lifting, and lifting 4 months after major surgery. I feel strong and happy. Bring on Nationals. Until then, I will keep tuning in to those small tweaks my body needs to keep it happy and optimal. Bring on the yin, the naps and the avocados!