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Get back to your workouts after holidays

Thanksgiving: the Fall holiday where you get together with your family and visit, have drinks, and eat a lot of food!

Now, maybe not everyone in the fitness world will agree with me…but I am a firm believer in calories don't count on holidays. To me, moderation and balance is also enjoing those occasions and not worrying about how bad for you the gravy or mashed potatoes are, or how much fat is in that delicious home made apple pie. It is a time to enjoy the time with your family and have a meal you don't always have, and eat however you see fit - which for me is eating a full plate of all the yumminess and being so full that my body hurts after. Now maybe the second part wasn't my best, but I love turkey dinners so much! And this year I even got two - one on each side of the family Sunday & Monday!

I got to eat with the kids and play outside in the wind!

And take our 'Winter hockey family' out to my parents farm and they even set off fireworks at the end of the night! It really was such a great weekend!

So I had this great weekend and well what?

This week I need to get my butt moving! Holidays are fine to enjoy, but it's after that you need to get moving, need to get those great workouts in. I want to have some big calorie burn workouts so that all that deliciousness I ate doesn't hang around.

I will be doing 15 minutes on my Max Trainer followed by 15 minutes on my treadclimber followed by 15-20 minutes of weights 6 days this week. No excuses. I always think that once you make those goals for yourself, once you write it down or say it to yourself, there is no reason you can't do it! Thats my plan. So I ask you...

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? I hope you did.

Do you have a plan to keep yourself on track? If not, make one.

How many workouts will you have this week? How many minutes? Any extra exercises you will get in? Just make a plan and start, we got this!

Oh and most importantly: DRINK ALL THE WATER! Flush out all that sodium and deliciousness.

Oh and incase you were curious...I really am just beyond thankful for these two!